Reasons To Upgrade Your Garage With A Sectional Door


The garage door stretches across a large section of your home's facade. Thus, a shabby, tattered one will cheapen the look of the entire landscape. Consider the following reasons to restore your garage with a new sectional door. Mechanism Suits Numerous Buildings Consisting of multiple horizontal panels that hinge together, sectional doors open by sliding upwards and across the garage ceiling. This mechanism only requires minimal headspace — the area between the top of the opening and the ceiling.

28 July 2020

Three Garage Door Repair Tips to Follow


The garage door is a very crucial part of your home's security.  When the garage door is in perfect condition, you are assured that your vehicles are safe in the home and that no one can use the door to access the rest of the house. On the other hand, when the door is in a bad state or is broken, your safety is compromised. At times, some problems can create a safety hazard for all users.

20 January 2020

Why you should hire professional garage door services


Garage doors are prone to damage not because of being mishandled but the fact that they are always in use. The garage is where you park your cars and store some of your property, so there are chances that the door will break down at one point in time due to regular movements of parts. It is therefore essential that the garage door gets inspected every once in a while or at least twice every year to ensure proper function.

22 July 2019

Why You Shouldn't Skip the Safety Audits Meant for Industrial Roller Garage Doors


Industrial roller shutter garage doors are widely used by large businesses, schools, hospitals and various industrial facilities.  If you have these doors installed at your industrial facility, you will need to have safety audits performed on them on occasion. These audits are designed to ensure that your door continues functioning properly and safely post-installation. Any problems with the door are highlighted and remedial action recommended. Unfortunately, some industrial facility managers skip industrial roller garage door safety audits.

27 March 2019

What to Ask When Getting an Automatic Gate for a Residential Property


An automatic gate is a good choice for any residential property, as it can keep out pesky salespersons and other unwanted visitors, while also keeping your pets and children safe in the yard. An automatic gate is also more difficult for an intruder to force open than a standard gate, as a potential thief needs to work against the resistance offered by a motor when trying to pry open an automatic gate.

23 August 2018

Preparing Yourself for a Garage Door Service


Garage doors are opened and closed on almost a daily basis. Therefore, wear and tear is bound to happen at some point in time. Identifying the best garage door service available can give homeowners peace of mind whenever they experience problems opening or closing their garage doors. Anticipating when garage doors need servicing It is difficult to know in advance just when the door will stop operating, because most garage doors die without many warning signs.

14 September 2017

Garage Door Not Opening? Here's What to Check


Garage doors are built to be tough. After all, they're providing security for what's probably one of the most valuable things you own: your vehicle. You might even have more than one vehicle in your garage, plus a variety of tools and other equipment that would be expensive to replace. So, almost always, you'll be glad of how strong that door is. But what if something goes wrong and you can't open it?

18 July 2017